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“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you”
Businesses thrive with the right people in them. We make it our business to get to know your company and its culture. We will become an extension of your business, your brand ambassador on all recruitment matters. We want to match people who will fit your team, who contribute to the overall company mission and vision, who have similar values and who satisfy the needs of your role well. Partner with someone who knows and understands the value of pairing good attitude with good skill.

Our MD’s personal job to placement ratio is 1.5:1

This means less worry for you, knowing that your crucial role is in the hands of someone who knows what this position means for your business. Hiring mistakes cost money. Invest in good recruitment processes upfront.

Trained by International Recruitment Trainers, we are skilled head-hunters. For your mission critical and strategic roles, you don’t only want the best of what’s available, you want the best that there is for that particular skill set.

Ad-hoc stand-alone consulting services: talent management, interviews, writing job descriptions, references, outsourced recruitment partnerships

Most of our clients have come to us when they’ve given up waiting for the right candidate to walk through the door. We’re very good at finding great technical talent and matching them to the right job. Because our process is so highly personalised, we can only take on about half of the clients who want our help. Contact us to discuss your specific needs to see if we are right for you.

Our clients have said:

“One of the first specialists that come to mind when I start a recruitment drive. They take the time to understand the technical specifications of our needs and never underestimate the importance of finding the right personality type and culture fit. They know our business and have had great success with placing a number of engineers that add extreme value to our team. They provide me with a strong sense of comfort when working on any of my assignments. True professionals that make a significant amount of effort, to ensure that our company is getting their return on their investment. Highly recommended as industry experts” – HR manager EPCM Project house

“Have had the professional privilege of working together on our corporate recruitment requirements for many years. One key criteria for me has always been matching of organisational culture to talented potential candidates. Success thus requires a deep understanding of not only the details of the assignment itself but most importantly an understanding of the organisational cultures in play. They have never let me down” – MD Engineering component supplier

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